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The size of the #breast is an element almost all women on planet earth are concerned about.

There would hardly be any woman who would not want to have a perfect sized, firm breast.

But sadly, not all #women are blessed with one.

From supplements to high priced cups, there are so many things that women try doing to get the desired boobs size.

But, natural is natural. You may try anything and everything artificial, but what you get the natural way, stays with you for the lifetime.

So, can you increase breast size naturally?
Well, the answer is yes.

Medically speaking, there obviously is the procedure called #BreastAugmentation that helps you increase your breast size faster. But there can be complications and side effects associated with the procedure.

So, here’s how you can increase the size of your boobs naturally.

1. Eat breast increasing foods
Foods such as milk products, fruits and nuts can aid in natural breast enlargement. You can have:
Whole milk products
Mix papaya with milk (don’t have papaya if you are pregnant)
Fennel seeds in your food
Nuts, as it is a rich source of monounsaturated fats

2. Practice yoga for bigger boobs
Yoga has a healing power. There is a reason why yoga has been trusted for ages now. Traditional asanas such as – Bhujangasana (also known as the camel pose), Dwikonasana (also known as the double-angle pose), and Ustrasana (also known as the camel pose) are beneficial for natural enlargement of the breasts.

3. Massage your breasts
Massaging is considered to be an extremely beneficial way to increase the size of the boobs. You can use:
Medically recommended creams to massage your breasts
A paste of fennel seeds and olive oil and massage the breasts
Flaxseed oil to massage your breasts

To massage, use both your hands around the breasts and massage in a clock and anticlockwise.

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise
The next time you hit the gym, add these exercises that can give you the boobs that you long for:
Arm Presses
Arm Circles
Horizontal Chest Press
Wall Press

All things said and shared, you need to know that natural things take time.

You might be doing all of these for a month and see no desired results.

Hold on! Patience is the key!
Good things take time. If you give time to the good things, it will surely reap you results that you will be thankful for. That too, without any side effects, ever.

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