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Today I’m sharing with you my first impressions on the SCHWARZKOPF PEPTIDE REPAIR RESCUE HAIR MASK. A product that claims to get your hair structure back to its virgin state. Let’s test it out together and find out if this is true. So if you’re looking for ways to repair damaged hair, stick around because we may learn something new today…

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TANGLE TEEZER watch my review here https://youtu.be/9Gg3BH8lgrA
SEPHORA Hold it Together Blow Dry Clips – SEPHORA COLLECTION https://ift.tt/2LUKKRT
PURETANICA watch my review here https://youtu.be/09hIjhsEs_U
L’OREAL LIPIDIUM ABSOLUT REPAIR watch my review here https://youtu.be/I_DwwWpg00E

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I’m Heidi. Born in Argentina in an Italian and German family. Married to my best friend and Mom to my Exotic Shorthairs Lola and Mumi.
One day I had this epiphany: even if I couldn’t create a life inside of me, I could still create beautiful content and make it my life. Being a content creator helps me heal inside and reconnect with everything that makes me happy. I also support different children’s charities in Argentina with great pleasure through my very modest Youtube earnings.
Think of this as my Beauty Column and a positive destination for your daily dose of beauty edutainment.
Let’s exchange some beauty tips and tricks as I share with you glimpses of my life in Buenos Aires.

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