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Malibu treatment at home – DIY Malibu hair treatment

This particular hair treatment is utilized to counteract the adverse effects of hard water/rust on the hair. They comprise of anti-oxidants which prevent the accumulation or gathering of calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium. Therefore, there is a DIY Malibu treatment for your hair that you can apply in your hair for making it healthy and natural.

Here are the steps involved in the DIY Malibu hair treatment.

Steps to Rust-Free Hair

Steps to Rust-Free Hair
Firstly, you need to mix two packets of instant lemonade with sufficient amount of water to form a thick paste. But, here is a thing that you should remember. The amount of lemonade depends on the length of your hair. Thus, depending on the length, the amount will vary.
The next step is rinsing your hair. You need to rinse off your hair thoroughly so that the entire hair remains wet.
The next step involves putting the lemonade including conditioner. Apply the lemonade mixture including the conditioner on your hair. Give time to process both the elements in.
Next, you need to put the shower cap on your head, or you can also wrap a towel around your hair. Remain idle with the towel for at least 15 minutes. After, 15 minutes, you can remove the shower cap or a towel.
The next step is shampooing your hair. You need to apply a mild shampoo or a shampoo suitable to your hair type. Make sure to apply this particular treatment once in two months as required.

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