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Remdesivir injection mode of action against coronavirus | Covid 19 drug – This lecture explains about the mode of action of Remdesivir drug injection and the use of Remdesivir injection in the treatment of novel coronavirus infection. This video explains how novel coronavirus infects human body and also how this coronavirus treaent with Remdesivir drug works. Stay tuned to know more about the following questions –
What is Remdesivir injection?
What is the Remdesivir mode of action?
What is Remdesivir mechanism of action?
What are the Remdesivir uses?
What are Remdesivir side effects?
What is remdesivir mechanism?
Remdesivir is used as a pro drug that act as the delayed chain terminator to inhibit the coronavirus rna replication by the rna dependent rna polymerase.

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Thank you for watching the video lecture on Remdesivir injection mode of action against coronavirus | Covid 19 drug. Stay tuned to know details about the covid 19 antiviral drug remdesivir mechanism.

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