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Health Definition
According to world health organisation (WHO), “Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” WHO, 1948.
Living a healthy life always lead to the living a full life for a healthy human being.
In recent studies, researchers give a new definition of heath i.e. the ability to adapt and fight new infirmities that body is going to face in future period and reduces the threats to get ill.
In recent time when human is getting more and more social involved and getting more aware about his lifestyle and new threats of diseases and how it affects the human life in last few decades.
Types of Health
To maintain the healthy lifestyle, it is more important to understand that how many types of health are there so we can maintain them.
• Physical Health
• Mental Health
Physical Health
Any person who is living a healthy life can easily understands and defines that body does not perform its best when it is disease free but also when it having a proper and balanced diet, regular workout and even giving body a proper and sound sleep.
Power naps also helps in regulating healthy lifestyle for human being as per today’s hussy-bushy lifestyle.
Good physical health always helps in reduction of health issue and risk of injury. To lead a physically healthy lifestyle it is very important to avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
Including of healthy lifestyle, maintain the personal hygiene and practice safe sex is the key factors to lead a healthy life.
Mental Health
Mental health can be defined as anyone who is living a good emotional, social and psychological life has a good mental health.
It is hard to define mental health in a common perception because one thing which makes one person happy can be disastrous for another one.
Mental health perception can be different from person to person. Mental health of a person can be understood by learning the individual’s perception towards life and their experience with their life
But nowadays in some cases mental health of a person can be diagnosed by CT scans and in different genetic testing.
Healthy mental stage not only means a person with no signs of depression, anxiety or any other mental problems or disorders. Mental health of a person also depends on the way of his/her living life and seeing the problems.
Aspects of Good Health
There are different aspects on which a healthy lifestyle depends.
Every human being is born with different genes, and some time when these genetic patterns are not balanced then it may lead to less than good aspect of health which can be physical or in some case mental too.
Environment in which human being is living plays an adverse effect on the lifestyle. Sometimes even when a person is having rest of the aspects balanced even then environment impact can cause high level of mental as well as physical illness.

Keep up of Healthy Lifestyle
The best way to get health is to maintain it. It’s better to preserve health than to wait until you get sick and put things in a right manner.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle, wellness and to live a lifelong health is a daily commitment. You cannot gain a healthy lifestyle in few weeks and goes on life long.
Following steps can help to increase our health and wellness:
• Having a balanced, nutrition full diet and hygienic food.
• Regular workout and exercising enhance the chances of healthy life
• Time to time check-up or meeting doctor is most important for the prevention of risk.
• As per today’s lifestyle it is essential to manage the day to day life stress.
• It is also very important to maintain a positive life.
• Appreciating for what you have in your life.

Path to gain a Healthy & Improved Lifestyle
• Healthy Eating Habits
Eating habits of a person closely leads to his health and lifestyle. Living a life with healthy and balanced nutrition has many more benefits.
Adapting healthier food choices helps in prevention of heart diseases, bad strokes and even chronic disease like diabetes.
• Regular Workout & Exercise
Regular exercise not only helps in leading healthy lifestyle but also helps in prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression etc.
In addition to the above factors in the list, it is important to give time for your whole-body health. A healthy lifestyle of a healthy person is the sign of glory and beautiful life.
A healthy person never complains from his life and always seems to be happy and cheerful.
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