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Workplace Wellness | Tips to Improve Your Health and Productivity | NBF

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Feeling fatigued, unmotivated, or generally ill at work? Your overall wellness may need some attention. Improve your mood and productivity with tips and considerations from wellness expert, Amanda Couturier. Learn about setting boundaries (00:32), improving your mental and physical health (01:18), and optimizing your workspace (02:11).

With a Master’s degree in Community Counseling (2012), Amanda Couturier has been practicing as a licensed therapist for nine years. In the last three years of her clinical practice, Amanda worked for Advocate Aurora’s Employee Assistance Program. Over the years, she has focused on many areas of workplace wellness including providing individual support to employees and their family. In 2019, she received her Functional Nutrition training through the Nutritional Therapy Association. The focus is on using real, nutrient dense food and good lifestyle choices to support overall wellness.

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