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I tested AN INDIAN HAIR GROWTH SECRET FOR 7 DAYS & THIS HAPPENED! | *before & after results

This is what happens when you apply yogurt on your hair for 7 days straight. In here I will explain how to apply yogurt on your hair, how to rinse yogurt after, the benefits of using yogurt on your hair, my hair growth results from using yogurt on my hair and how to make a simple yogurt hair mask. I hope you enjoy it.

Now in terms of appearance, I really like how shiny, hydrated, manageable and silky soft my hair is at the moment, also I’m amazed on how straight my hair feels after doing this challenge, like in a way my strands are extra smooth so there is no frizz or flyaways. The only thing that I didn’t see in my results is more volumen and extra strength on my hair which is something that yogurt is supposed to do but remember we are all different so this could be a different outcome for you. Anyways I think yogurt is pretty safe to use once or even twice a week on dry damaged hair or anyone that wants to try this one day.

This is how I make this yogurt hair mask, pretty simple, so everyday you are gonna start off by scooping one cup of plain greek yogurt in a clean bowl, then you are gonna add 5 tablespoons of water, next stir the mixture for a little bit until your consistency looks a little runny like this and that’s it begin application now. Just remember to make this fresh every time you apply it on your hair and scalp.

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