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PCOD/PCOS Diet Plan For Weight Lossమీకు PCOD ఉందా..ఏo తినాలో తెలుసుకోండిFull Day PCOD DitePlan

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Hi This is Dr Yakkati Sudhakar babu. Physician,Laproscopic surgeon, Gynecologist,Fertility specialist,USA World Health Organisation Certified Diabetologist,Raja Muthayya Medical College Chidambaram Trained Ultra sound scan postgraduate diplomate,UK RCOP certified Hypertension Specialist.
9800 plus couples Got Pregnancy with our Dr YS Babu Magic Formula.

I and my better half Smt Vijayadurga pavani started this yakkati hub youtube channel with my kids to give full health information cooking recipes entertainement videos to to you
Smt Yakkati Vijaya Durga Pavani is post graduate and well known cook
Yakkati Sahana Studying 9th class,welknown Sparling Star
yakkati Prajwal Studying 4th class,Popular as Punches star
Please Like our videos Subscribe Our Channel and give your Valuable Information and comments to do give good content
#FoodRecipes nTelugu
డాక్టర్ యక్కటి సుధాకర్ బాబు
యక్కటి విజయ దుర్గా పావని
యక్కటి దుర్గా వెంకట నాగ సహాన
యక్కటి ప్రజ్వల్ నాగ సాయి
యక్కటి కుటుంబం అంతా కలిసి అందిస్తున్నారు

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