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Why I Quit My Naturopathy Degree (Brutal Advice Included)

Here’s the video on why I quit my naturopathy degree. This is my journey to studying naturopathic medicine, as well as why I decided to quit. I also talk about my opinions on naturopathy and the term naturopathic doctor, as well as what I love about naturopathy. I finish with the advice I needed before I started my naturopathy degree journey.
If you’re not sure whether you should study a degree in naturopathy, health science, or natural health, this video is for you, I hope you enjoy.
If you have any questions or anything you want to discuss, let me know in the comments!

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0:44 Why I chose this degree
1:26 When I started to have doubts
2:07 There was no ‘prize’ at the end
2:39 Things got a lot worse
3:24 My mental health plummeted
4:11 My options on naturopathy
5:16 What I love about naturopathy
7:08 A word of warning

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