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Workplace Health and Wellness Tips with Vivian McKinnon | Workplace Wellness Ideas | Health Tips

What happened when health and wellness consultant Vivian McKinnon visited ProfileTree to share some of her expertise?

Hydro-Ease Founder Vivian treated us to a deeper dive into her personal and group wellness maxim of “health is the goal, wellness is the way to achieve it”.

Welcomed by ProfileTree’s Ciaran Connolly, during Vivian’s fascinating interview she touched on subjects including the aims of her company Wellness Consultant NI, which looks at the impact modern life is having on us all.

The visit by Vivian, who opened Ireland’s first flotation centre, to the ProfileTree studio meant a chance to better understand the subject of flotation.

She said: “I’ll start off by taking you back: in 1999 I was taken to hospital, they thought I had meningitis so I was taken to the intensive care unit of the Western General in Edinburgh, for two days I was completely out.

“Basically what was happening was it was my lifestyle. As a child I grew up with a parent who was struggling with trauma and addiction. I developed unhelpful coping strategies, so by the time that happened in 1999 I was using cocaine, I was using alcohol, I was using cannabis, I was gambling.

“So I had two choices, to keep going the way I was going and end up in a box or change my life. But the biggest thing I lived with was this inner critic, this inner voice that kept saying ‘why are you doing that, you’re so stupid’.

“After being on the wagon and off the wagon, I went for ‘a float’ for the first time and the first time I went in it was one of the pod types. Within no time the negative inner critic was silenced. I carried a lot of pain in my body… in the float that day it was as if I had no body, I had quietness in my head, the first time I had that freedom to connect back to who I was as a person,” she said.

Explaining that flotation can be a ‘mental health intervention’, and not just a spa treatment, Vivian was inspired to think creatively about how it could be promoted more fully.

In her interview, Vivian also covers WHY flotation works, her own studies into the science of wellness and group dynamics and the impact of modern life on who we are and how we act.

Following that initial period of academic study, Vivian worked with survivors of trauma and has gained practitioner status across a number of disciplines.

To learn more about the wide range of wellness-related specialisms provided by Vivian, covered by a vast number of professional qualifications and academic achievements, about her company Wellness Consultant NI and much more besides, do enjoy the interview.

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Summary: Workplace Health and Wellness Tips with Vivian McKinnon | Workplace Wellness Ideas | Health Tips

In our video interview Vivian McKinnon explores health and wellness including heath and wellness tips, health and wellbeing and general health tips.

She also provides insights into flotation therapy, NLP therapy, mental health in the workplace and much more.

For a deeper understanding of health at work and workplace stress, see our full Business Leaders video interview.

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