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PCOS – what is it? There is so much bad info out there

PCOS – what is it? There is so much bad info out there. In short, the brain sends out two hormones, LH and FSH. FSH (a well named hormone, follicle stimulating hormone) controls a follicle growing, which happens as an egg matures. LH (luteinizing hormone) helps trigger ovulation (egg release) and stimulate progesterone production in the luteal phase. In short – the ovaries are a hormone making factory. And in PCOS the ovarian response to the brains hormones is abnormal (ovarian dysfunction). In PCOS the number of eggs available is really high and the FSH signal is normal. So the signal gets sent to all of the follicles which causes it to be faint (or diluted). The signal is not strong enough to get one follicle to respond. The follicles are making just enough estrogen to prevent the brain and ovary from communicating properly. However, the ovary is a powerhouse hormone making machine and it likes to do its job right. When it can’t make enough estrogen – it makes testosterone. The pathway for the LH to androgen production becomes the preferred pathway and male hormones are made at a much higher rate than estrogen creating a hormone imbalance. Insulin is extremely important and helps your body do two things: use glucose or store glucose. Insulin resistance is when the cells are no longer up taking the glucose. So the cells feel like they have low glucose levels and the liver starts to breakdown glucose to give you more sugar. The pancreas begins working overtime to get more insulin because the body is saying they need more sugar in your cells. Insulin also stimulates increased ovarian androgen production. This means it is causing the body to make more LH and the ovary is being shifted to make even more androgens. Not everyone with PCOS has insulin resistance, but 60-70% will. It is a large contributor to making the disease worse – although it is not a cause of PCOS. #pcos #fertility #infertility #ttc

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